Gluek Brewing Company

Gottlieb Gluek, born in Germany in 1828, arrived in Minneapolis in 1855. He worked for John Orth until 1857, when he established the Mississippi Brewery at Marshall St. and 22nd Ave. NE.

[Gluek's Wagon]

The brewery enjoyed modest success until the spring of 1880, when it burned to the ground. Reconstruction was immediately begun, but Gottlieb was to die that fall. His sons continued the business as G. Gottlieb & Sons, and later as the Gluek Brewing Company. By 1902, the plant was turning out 44 barrels a day.

The brewery survived Prohibition but was eventually sold to G. Heilemann in 1964, who tore the place down two years later. The Gluek's label was acquired by the Cold Spring Brewing Company, which today produces beer for the Gluek's restaurant in downtown Minneapolis.